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Mastercard , SIG , Kobo , Verizon , AOL , NewBay , Sun Microsystems , O2 , Lionbridge


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Curriculum Vitae

Bitcoin Node


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Security-focused individual with unique skill-set, excellent addition to any team - a team player and a valuable resource capable to work under minimal supervision. Main focus area - race conditions, memory leaks, privilege escalation, avoiding compromise of sensitive information.
Automation tools: Writing samplers (Java code) in JMeter, implementing Gherkin SpecFlow steps (C#), great knowledge of Win32 API (WinRunner), Selenium/BrowserMob/Fiddler experience, jUnit/mockito/TestNG. Cloud computing: custom Ant tasks integrating AWS Java SDK. No SQL: Cassandra, MemCached. SQL: Oracle PL/SQL. Writing code: Java, C#, C (JNI Code in Linux or Win32 API) XML: XSLT & XPath, writing XSD, DTD, etc. Scripting: bash, awk, sed, perl. Network knowledge: everything from ARP level up, iptables, ipsec, ipf, routing, bridging, tunneling, masquerading, nating, filtering, IP/IPv6, TCP handshake, UDP punch hole, TLS/SSL encryption from implementation point of view. Protocol knowledge: Servers and clients for most common RFC documented protocols, including HTTP, FTP, IMAP, POP3, IRC, SMTP, SNMP. HTTP Application level - REST, XMLRPC, JSON, etc. WebSockets, long-pooling, AJAX, XHR, CSS/JavaScript, DHTML. Debugging tools: tcpflow, tcpdump, wireshark, gdb, Xdebug (Java), DTrace, SoftICE (assembler debugger).
Years use of Linux (since Windows '95) - I did wrote kernel modules, I've learn most of things by usage of Linux From Scratch/Gentoo distributions, now I'm using Ubuntu (Debian), I have experience with RedHat (CentOS) and Solaris.



Consultant - Software Testing & Quality Assurance


April 2018 - Present; Mountain View, Central Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18

Blockchain - Research and Development. Bootstrapping QA (CI) practices in R&D department. Testing functional (cryptography) and performance quality of prototype erlang-based blockchain solution. Creating Docker images (acting as build engineer) and deploying them in own (root access) Swarm. Adding new VMs to Swarm if required. Evaluating cost to value ratio of external teams and vendors. Proposing reimplementing software in Netty based Java solution. Wrote reference implementation of consensus node able to speak to Erlang nodes, and before that wrote MA-SSL transparent proxy injectable between Erlang nodes to evaluate difference between real protobuf based protocol implementation against original design (reverse engineering as need to have temporary solution of mix of Java and Erlang nodes). Created PKI infrastructure (with XCA, KeyStore Explorer, openssl) including initial Proof-of-authority Blockchain Root CA, certificates chain, and nodes certificates for mutual authentication TLS proposes. Migrated PKI from RSA to EC based (to use the same keys on chain as in in TLS). As DevOp tasks creation of docker compose and Java YAML Spring files.

Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG)

Software Test Engineer

Susquehanna International Group

October 2013 - April 2018 (4 years 7 months); International Centre, Memorial Road, IFSC, Dublin 1

Maintain written in Python (pydotnet module) extensive Test Framework (utilizing Microsoft UI Automation, pywinauto, calls over ctypes and PInvoke) – authored the project in 1st year of employment, and by it cut the release cycle from 2 months to 1 week. Writing test cases, coming up with usage scenarios, analyzing possible features collisions. Providing PowerShell scripts to Application Support to validate or modify production data. Providing native Python DevOp-like utilities to use by support or Quantitative Researchers. Extending functionality of written in C# Exchange Simulator (authored the tool, C#, utilizing company specific exchange protocol implementations on top of SuperSocket library). Writing tests modules (C#) to be injected (Autofac) into trading strategy for test proposes. Writing ad-hoc utilities (C#) – exchange protocols support for Fiddler, test Market Data, etc.

Kobo Inc.

QA Consultant - contract

Kobo Inc.

February 2013 - September 2013 (8 months); Connaught House, Number One Burlington Rd, Dublin 4

Refactoring and extending functionality of C# framework utilizing browermob/fiddlercore (+HAR) and selenium. Writing tests for WCF Data Services. Testing contracts of interfaces. Providing SQL test data for validating models functionality after HBM transformations – objects used in test cases as Golden Data Set. Writing Gherkin scenarios and C# steps.

Verizon Business

QA Consultant - contract

Verizon Business

October 2012 - February 2013 (5 months); Verizon Business - Lower Erne Street, Dublin 2

Testing of Public Key Infrastructure of Cybertrust UniCERT solution, including Certificate Authority, Registration Authority, and other internal components. Verification of external interfaces (SCEP, OCSP). Writing test tools utilizing private X.509 Java libraries together with Netty, Bouncy Castle, and Sikuli GUI automation. Extensive exposure to knowledge of rare PKI and SSL aspects.

Kobo Inc.

Senior QA Engineer

Kobo Inc.

May 2012 - October 2012 (6 months); Lis Cara, 52 Fitzwilliam Square West, Dublin 2

Testing of different kind of builds on different devices and web browsers e-Reader software, and integration with payment/authentication gates. Overcoming limitations of transparent proxing of HTTPS connections (Java implementation of SNI aware handshake - high performance - Netty based). Providing verbose information to developers (rapid Agile).


Senior QA Engineer


June 2011 - May 2012 (1 year); The Brunel Building, Block 7A, Heuston South Quarter, Dublin 8

Working with ADTECH Team, functional and performance testing of written in C++ AdServer backend solutions. Exposure to Erlang (extending Tsung), Java (extending Jenkins authentication and JMeter testing capabilities - mvn/git), and Perl (maintaining existing test suites). Automating deployment of snapshot builds to CentOS based own AOL internal cloud solution and execution of every-night performance and functional regression checks.

NewBay Software

Senior Software Test Engineer (Integration)

NewBay Software

May 2010 - June 2011 (1 year 2 months); The Academy, 42 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Working in Scrum methodology aware environment (Agile software development). Planning QA process that is going to be executed, and implementing necessary tools (JMeter Samplers) in Java/IntelliJ IDEA. Working with a lot of different API's and project specific client libraries (also writing custom implementations at socket level for reference). Performance and stress testing - creating up to 100.000 concurrent TCP connections with encryption (TLS) from one test box (Xen 32bit VM) - achievable by JNI OpenSSL/epoll(), non-blocking IO and multithreading at Java level and usage of eth0:0 interface. Exposing race-conditions. Tweaking company build integration system (custom Ant Tasks, FreeMaker). Experience with JIRA/Bamboo/Perforce, JBoss/Netty, Tomcat and Spring framework. Automating deployment of the Product and QA environment grid to Amazon Web Services.

Sun Microsystems

Independent Contractor

Sun Microsystems

September 2008 - March 2009 (7 months); Hamilton House, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3, Ireland

Project specific implementations of Sun Java Platform, "Micro Edition" and "Standard Edition Embedded Client" Working close to the Java (JSR) Profiles: CDC, FP and PBP - from implementing (in C) abstract definitions of VM, by defining interactions with native hardware access libraries, up to modification of Java type files (bootclass libraries). Also writing SQAP and more complex documents - Test Plans, basic implementation of Test Cases. Working on Linux, SunOS (vim, subversion, NetBeans and other development tools).

O2 Ireland

BI/DW Test Lead - contract

O2 Ireland

October 2007 - March 2008 (6 months); 28/29 Sir John Rogersons Quay, Dublin 2

Engineer on a group of O2 Projects - Enterprise Technology sector of the software IT market. QA of Business Intelligence Data Warehousing, supporting correction of logical errors in Business Analytics and helping with finding out proper design of Procedural SQL in Oracle DB/ETL DataStage jobs by creating Test Cases for overall BI/DW projects data flow verification. Software refactorization under structured process methodology including
V-Model and elements of extreme programming (Agile type - cooperation with developers).


Temporary Software Test Engineer (3 months rolling contract)


June 2005 - September 2007 (2 years 4 months); Emmet Street, Ballina, Co. Mayo

Mostly in year 2007 I was working as Windows Mobile tester, and it was utilizing my programming skills (applications helping to gather data from device - Visual Studio/Windows Mobile SDK - memory dump and screenshot from Phone transferred over Bluetooth to Linux box), beside that I was also developing in-house software for H/R management proposes - Google Rate Program - Application measuring work-force performance (wxWidgets, SQLite). From beginning of year 2007 I was testing program (made by CA) that was using DB2, Oracle 9/10 and Ingress databases under AIX, HP-UX and Solaris 9 OS'es (highly improved administration skills). First year of employment I was testing integration of Solaris 10 with cloud-based mainframe controller with virtualized hardware platforms (Egenera) - for clarity of work I was using repository software (subversion), I use to write shell scripts and programs in C in that project. I was also involved in project where I had to prepare environment for Antivirus Solutions testing (mail/web servers, writing emulation of clients).



British Council

IELTS Academic (C1)

IE012-100987-0170 (2016)

Mensa member

British Mensa Limited

Mensa membership (2016)


Irish Software Testing Board

Irish Software Testing Board

ISTQB Certified Software Tester Foundation Level

ISTB-8067-CFTL (2010)

Zend Technologies Ltd.

Zend Technologies Ltd.

Zend Certified Engineer

ZEND006735 (2008)